Sunday, March 22, 2009

Long Island Music Lover's Expo

Let me start off this blog by saying two things:

1- I'm not bragging, I'm just really excited.
2-Employ me! Pretty pretty please, employ me.

To the good stuff-

The FREAKING Music fair... *AH* All those noises you make when you're excited, that is what it was (freak). You walk into what looks like a little building, pay $5, walk through a mini hallway and low and behold... before you lies a GIANT room (about the size of a large gymnasium). Tables filled with records upon records. $1 all the way to.. well.. expensive. They had other things like tapes, cds, posters, etc. All music related.

So here's the goods-

The Beach boys: Spirit of America (2 record album)
Buddy Holly: A rock and roll collection (2 record album)
Pet Shop Boys: Please
The Mamas & The Papas
The Rolling Stones: Love you live (2 record album)
Bob Dylan: Self-Portrait (Mint, 2 record album)
The World of the Zombies (Mint, UK Release)

All for $27.00! Word to bargain shopping. I'm getting a record player tomorrow, as well. I've been researching them for awhile and decided on a Sony. I'ma check out Best Buy.

I might be poor, but at least I'm poor in style. I'm not going to purchase ANYTHING for a LOOONG time. At least not until I get a job. It's almost a good thing that most of my friends have gone back to school from spring break.

Hope & Pray that I can find a job sometime soon. I don't want to have to take out my lip ring, but I'm afraid it may be necessary. Darn adulthood. I just want to be a stupid 19 year old... a stupid, responsible 19 year old with a steady job to save up before she starts school again.

Ah, life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Grimace of Immaturity.

I have a fear.

That fear... is of pregnant bellies.

THEY ARE NOT LIKE REAL BELLIES! They are strange and elastic and don't feel like skin. IT'S NOT REAL SKIN!

Seriously.. I discovered how much preger ladies freak me out when the RD at the college I went to before made, yes made me touch her belly. I was all freaked out and I just kinda poked at it and so she grabbed my hand and pushed it into her freaking stomach. Agh, ew, bleh!

I'm not sure I could ever be pregnant because every time I think about a pregnant belly I just picture an alien or some kind of creepy mis-colored creature bursting through (haha, ew). Good thing I'm 19, though. Yes?

It's kind of like a circle though. Of course one day I want to have a kid or two, but I also hope my personality doesn't change so much. Ya know what I mean? It's like I have a tattoo on my hip of a rose. It represents a few things, but I was thinking when I got it that when I'm all balooga-like I wonder what it'll look like. It would probably look like some kind of deformed mesh of.. blah. Sexy, right? So then I thought.. when I'm older I wonder If i'll still be thinking stuff like that.. If i'll still laugh at the tattoo, or picture an alien bursting through my stumach like that movie with Jodie Foster.

Probably not, I guess..

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Business of Poetry by Harold Norse

The business of poetry
is the image of a young man
making music and love
to a girl whose interest
in love and music coincides
with an enormous despair in both
their inner selves like a plucked
guitar in the dry hot sun of
hope where savage and brutal men
are tearing life like a page
from a very ancient
and yellow

I think I'll name you, Fred.

My blogs always tend to be rather introspective, so I wanted to post one that is obviously jovial.
Yes, jovial.

See... the thing is a "jovial blog" can't be forced. It's 11:25 a.m. and I woke up not too long ago. I feel like I had a drug induced sleep. One where you're at the deepest point of your sleep cycle all night and then you just wake up and you're just.. out of it. I can't remember any kind of dream, either. All I remember is what I went to bed thinking about.

Some possible lines of a poem-

"Each moment suffocates, good-bye.
The conversation slowly dims."

Probably more depressing than I intend it to be. I'm not even sure what it would be about... I was thinking about how each minute is passing whether we like it or not. And how fear can either hold us back from what we want to accomplish or we can push it aside and go forth.

Way to write a jovial blog, Kristen.

I need to say one really great, funny thing before I end this.

*looks around room*

Uh, I think the ants in my room are SUPER ANTS... I put out a bunch of traps, but they are still alive (that was the first thing that came to mind).


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Written to the faint sounds of my brother playing guitar in the next room

You walk through life and encounter all types of people. You connect to some, and with others you don't.

I've been walking around for 19 years or so thus far and have acquired all kinds of friends. I connect with all of them on one level or another. And when we connect on that level, it's amazing! Whether it's wandering around stop and shop with my "theater friends," going out to lunch with a few of the girls, or going shopping or seeing a movie with a friend I haven't seen in awhile.

There is always some way to connect with people. By doing something you both enjoy, or talking about something you have in common.

Yet, There's nothing wrong with having interests unique to you within a group of people. I feel like this is what we're supposed to do. Meet and get to know people that are completely different from us. To find a connecting point with someone you don't know.

But at what point is that not enough? At what point do those small commonalities you once shared with friends become... less meaningful?

As I continue to find out more about myself and as I continue to grow older.. I find that I have less and less in common with the people I felt I once had deep connections with. It's somewhat disconcerting when you look around and you realize you have no one to share something with.

It's the differences that makes us beautiful, however similarities among friends is necessary. Independence doesn't always suffice.

There comes a point at which you just want someone to agree with you. A point at which you just want someone to appreciate that movie just as much as you do, or like that song, as well. I think I'm just getting old of being that one in each group of people who "likes weird things."

Oh, I'm sorry my enjoyments and hobbies reach beyond the shopping, chick flicks, and cooking horizon.

Oh well, what can you do, ya know? You either suck it up or be an adult and effing put yourself out there. The edge seems a lot closer to some than others. It's a weird, jagged, pointy edge that stretches far out and yet incredibly close in at points.

Metaphors, eh eh? *elbow nudge*

God speed to me and everyone who finds that they agree. (That rhymed)
What a horrible ending to such a "profound coming of age blog." I pictured that being said with an epic movie voice.
... maybe I can find a quote appropriate to end this blog with.

Fail. I couldn't find anything that fit perfectly. I may have just ruined the anticipation that comes with a 365 Daily word book.

Uhm.. Happy blog reading? I wish I could put the sound effect *ba da da ba da dum DUM* sound effect here. That would be the perfect ending. You know, the sound that they put at the end of old cartoons?

I'll just have to leave you kids with a nice little BYE.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009