Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'd like to press the pause button of this summer of mine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The first one was SO funny.

My life is just one big fail isn't it.

(It makes me feel better to be unnecessarily dramatic)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A brief interruption

I'm pausing episode 5 of my 30 episode Korean teen soap opera to tell all of you lovely people of the majesty that is bootleg subbed television online.

As I'm watching this show things like this pop up! I found it quite amusing, so I wanted to share it.

I just want to know... Do the people making these subtitles actually think I don't already know these things? I guess it's safe to assume that a lot of the people watching these shows are pretty mindless... then again I'm watching this show, so I better not judge to harshly...

The one that amuses me most is the last one, "Homegirl got some major issues." What I love about it is not only the statement alone, but the fact that the person who said it is most likely some 16 year old little Korean girl with a little gangstahh flair. Oh gosh, so many different stories are coming to mind.

I need to not read those extra subtitles because I keep on getting distracted. I get all side tracked and start thinking about what kind of person wrote that, what are they like, etc. etc.

If you didn't catch it before the show is called, Boys Before Flowers, and I would definitely recommend it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There is little to no point for you to exist, blog.

But, I'll write here anyway...
Because I need to complain just for a bit...
At least before I go back to "It's going to be o.k.," Kristen.

I have some advice for you, kiddies. Don't ever apply to schools late because it makes things a real bitch. The following happens:

1-You don't get the major you want and have to wait until the following year to apply for it (giving you one more fantastic not to mention extra year to stay in college)
2-They don't have any more campus housing available (forcing you to some how find a place to live in Richmond, VA all the way from NY)

Oh, and have I mentioned I haven't even gotten INTO the school, yet? They haven't even received my transcripts which were sent from Massachusetts on Friday. THEN they have to process and review my application.

I decided to change my major to Mass Communications, B.S. with a concentration in PR. I have to choose a second major for when I apply to the school of the arts as a Cinema, B.A. so I figured I might as well get a head start because NO WAY am I just taking my gen-eds for the next year all at once (all I have left are sciences and maths).

I know it's all going to work out somehow in the end... It's just going to be a lot more difficult getting there. Not having on campus housing, and not being in the major I want is going to make it hell of a lot more difficult to make friends down there.

If I could sum up this blog in one sentence for all of the people which just quickly skim my blog it would be, "This fucking sucks, but I know it'll be o.k... hopefully?"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi. (school and a poem) HoOray!

I feel like I'm a senior in high school again... Having a school you want to get into, calling all the time to see if they've received your latest bundle of paperwork, and worst of all waiting to see if you got in at all.

I feel so helpless. All I can do right now is wait to make sure VCU has received my transcripts, and then wait for them to tell me whether or not I've gotten in for the Fall or Spring semester. It would be a miracle if I got in for the Fall semester, but that's what I'm hoping for. I know it's unbearably unrealistic... Even If i did get in for the fall I would have maybe about two weeks to find a place to live, pack, get everything I need (most likely including a bed and furniture for my room), and register for classes.

If I don't get in for the fall I'm going to have to continue looking for a job, and possibly not go until the following year since the film school doesn't accept Spring applicants. I'm most likely not going to graduate until I'm 25, unless I pick up a few summer courses next year.

I just wish I could DO something right now!! It's the waiting game that everyone dreads. I'm going to try and pre-occupy myself with video games and movies. The goal I still haven't fulfilled for the summer is to watch more movies. I've been reading more, but have yet to "pursue more ideas."

I swear on it I will start carrying my nikon around with me!! I got a smaller purse so I wouldn't be some huge pack horse with my messenger bag and a nikon around my neck.

I'm going to skateboard too! It'll be a great way to get around campus. Most of it's flat from what I've seen, so I just need a little practice so I'm absolutely confindent that I wouldn't run anyone over riding around the pathways.

I'm scared to death try this whole college thing over again. I've already made the decision though and there's no turning back. What I'm most afraid of usually turns out to be the most rewarding, and that's one of the reasons why I chose VCU.

All I can do is occupy my time for the next few weeks :-/

Here's a poem I wrote about a month ago:

The undignified pain of someone lost:
Unwavering and steadfast-

Much like the heroine we have yet to meet, here-

Here where the shadows lie beneath half-shattered stones,
As If someone was trying to break through-
Through to the vibrant purple stories inside.

Let us call it the tremble-
The point you dream of reaching when you’re experiencing…

The undignified pain of someone lost:
Unwavering and steadfast.

-The point right before fate has made its decision.

The tremble-
As you take that continuing breathe- you tremble.
For underneath you is your changing line.

A crux was never meant to be easily tamed-
And your missing heroine can attest.