Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your footprint.

Last night I saw a horrible horrible horrible play in the Fringe festival. The play was about youtube, and at one point the act replays silently while the director gives commentary. The commentary had absolutely nothing to do with explaining what was going on (which I really wish she did) it was more about herself. She even talked about a silent auction in which she won a box of gossip girl books.

She did, however, raise one good point.

We remember people from the past from physical things we find. Diaries, maps, pictures, postcards. As things are changing people are using physical things such as diaries to express themselves less and less. We are gravitating more towards our computers and the internet to express ourselves. If the digital age is only going to continue to grow than our footprint will be larger and more accessible than that of people from the 1800's or beforehand.

But what if thousands of years in the future... our blogs, youtube channels, facebooks... our footprints aren't there? Will you still have a mark on the world?

This scares me. I have my blogs, my pictures, a lot of my life up on the internet. I do this so I can remember a funny moment with a friend, or something I was thinking through. But what happens if all of this isn't around thousands of years or even just hundreds of years from now?

Will anything we did matter? Will anything we created matter?

Thinking through all of this makes me want to start a journal rather than a blog. However, what is great about computers is that you can get your thoughts out so much quicker than you can when you write them.

Another reason why I am starting to gravitate towards starting ... or continuing many of the unfinished journals i have... is because I started this blog to inspire and create conversation... and I don't really think it does that.

So from now on I'm leaving my personal inquiries and thoughts to myself and my paper. I'll use this blog for things I find funny or any creative writing I am comfertable enough to post. Once I can figure out tumblr I might just switch over to that...

Let me know what you think about our "footprint."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My desktop is ridiculous right now. I save pictures that I like or think are funny, and it just takes up space on my computer and I will most likely never look at them again...

So, because I can't figure out how to work Tumblr... I am going to purge all of the pictures on my desktop into one blog.

This is the most random conglomerate of pictures you will ever see. It's a combination of things I've found on the internet, things I've stolen from other people that I liked, funny screen caps from movies, and things I've made.

Enjoy... or don't enjoy. Whaateeever (I said that like dwaine from full house).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

To-do To-do To-do

1- Apply to Kyocera's All Access Documentary contest

2-Figure out when to "re-activate" my application to VCU because I ultimately failed and didn't apply early enough to get in this fall.

3-Think up some back up plans for my education if I don't get in for the Spring.

4-Figure out when and where I would like to travel

5-Crunch some numbahs for the trip

6-Beg mom and dad to return my birthday present and give me the money instead. As well, to fast track my Christmas money?

7- Do the same to Grandma Diane?

8- Do some freaking laundry already!!!

This is my life...
I turn 20 in two weeks. I have absolutely no Idea where all of this will take me.

Leaving Gordon College may have been the biggest mistake of my life if I don't keep on actively pursuing my goals. I want an education, I want friends, I want to go somewhere. I want a life.

I should have given up on Gordon so quickly. But now that all is said and done, I need to make this time worth something. It's just going to be a mistake unless I do something with this year, and can strive fowards with wherever I decide to continue my education next.

Where should I travel this fall? Where should I go on a less than $4,000 budget that could be mind blowing and inspiring?

It's going to happen. My only other options are "smart," "Be prepared" ones and after all the shit that has happened this past year I'm ready to say "Fuck it." and do what I've wanted to do since the moment I deferred from Gordon.

So to everyone who comes across this blog... Where do I go?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

There is no title for this here bloggy poo.

It's timeeeee forrrrr...


I am currently-
a) Extremely hungry... but too nauseous to eat.
b) Extremely tired... but can't sleep.


*bonus alphabetical letters*

I am also...
c) watching an episode of 16 and pregnant Unseen moments from season 1 (so freaking good)
d) wanting my stupid (and by stupid I mean absolutely lovely) boyfriend to wake up and callll meeeeee :-)