Sunday, February 14, 2010

Katsucon: The cons

There are two things that I hate very much.

1- People who think they can dance (but they can't)
2- People who think they are funny (but they aren't)

I have encountered this quite a lot here at Katsucon. I have some advice for all of you... If you can't dance then just admit to it and have a good time. Don't go jumping into the middle of the dance circle with your 50 cent rainbow glowsticks, writhing around pretending to rave. It makes Rave a joke. Rave culture has died down a lot, but somewhere it's still going on and when you do stupid shit like that you give it a bad name. Rave can be done well and despite popular belief NO not everyone can do it.

Another thing is... I learned of a new species of sorts. I'll call it the Nerd bro. It's a special breed of guys who THINK they are cool despite adorning a full Steam Punk costume. They drink, they heckle, and they laugh at their own lame jokes. Just... no.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Musical Coma

I'm in a musical coma! I've been full of song writing lately, however I can't bring myself to actually sing them. I can write them, I can find the chords to go with the lyrics, but I can't bring myself to sing them. Aloud at least... loud enough for anyone else but me to hear them.

That's not real practicing.

It's hard to do one of the things I find most personal in a place I'm not comfortable. When I'm playing music, it's for me and no one else. Back in New York, I knew my family could hear me and I didn't even like that. Yet, it was my room. My room. This is just a white box with paper thin walls and a door which doesn't do much but to conceal the eyes of what's really going on in here (most likely not much of anything).

I need to bring myself to sing out.

"if you want to sing out, sing out."

Shut it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please let it not BE!

A... A... A GYM BRO!!

*runs away shrieking*