Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC Family's New Series: HUGE and "the Media"

I think it's quite interesting that even though most Americans are overweight almost EVERYONE we see in the media is anything but. The new series on ABC Family is a testament to that. It's not groundbreaking as they may think it is. It is furthering the idealized and fanatical view Americans hold of beauty. The very title of the series is... HUGE. Rather than incorporating real women and men into television shows and movies they have created an entirely separate series. I wonder how the public will receive this new entertainment. Will it give a voice to people who are most often ignored? Or will it patronize them? So far I'm going to go with undertones of the later. Few people will realize how condescending it is because it's fed to you in a nice, pseudo-liberal, cookie, package.

I think this is a very relevant question. Although we are starting to see more curvy women here and there in movies, on television, and in ads, it's only just sparingly. Will this be a fad that soon dies out such as the "Green" phase we are all going through?

The media affects us all. What women and men are chosen for certain roles to play in pieces of media affects us all in very subconscious ways if you are not literate enough in it. We create our media, but it also creates us. That being said, "The media" a general term for forms of technological mass communication has at this point become an entity all it's own. I see as just that despite considering myself media literate. I see all media as the same. Whether I am choosing to read, watch, or listen to it (pull media) or if it's being forced upon me (push media). All of the above most often don't portray my world view. I'm sure almost everyone could agree on that and as technology improves maybe that number will decrease. Our choice of programing diversifies and numerates every single day.

I'll stop myself there, because I could go on forever!

What are your opinions and thoughts on the above?