Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music on bad mornings

Levels of "bad" are all relative. That sounds stupid, but that's how I cope most of my problems. Everything can be laughed at.

I guess there's a lot on my mind because I dreamt about capturing three rabid, fluffy dogs, on a roof top last night. It was night time and someone was watching me from an adjacent roof. After a lot of chasing I finally caught 2 of the dogs and tied them up with leashes to the railing. I didn't have another leash for the third so I sat on it and contained its face with a catchers mask that an umpire would wear in baseball. After awhile of the dog thrashing its face around trying to escape, it said in a human voice something along the lines of- "You know I'm going to make your life a living hell now, right?" And I just kept on holding the mask until this girl who was watching me returned with another leash.

I just woke up thinking... "What??"

It's my second kind of Blahhhhrggg morning, but It's all relative... I listened to Mumford & Sons, Little Lion Man and Heaven by The Cure. Good music seems to absorb any kind of badness that's being touched by its sound. The bad morning seems to kind of sit there quietly tamed by the incredibly simple beauty of playing the right song at the right time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day O' Valentines

People always seem to have incredibly firm views on Valentine's Day. People either love it to death or think it's the epitome of consumerism. I've never had a set opinion. I think it's a nice holiday for people in all kinds of relationships to go the extra mile and show a little appreciation for each other. It's also just a silly, made up holiday.

Television shows, movies, and girly girls... they all make a huge deal over this holiday. But all it ends up being is just. another. day.

Valentine's Day is on a Monday this year. And maybe that makes the "holiday" that much more special. Maybe it should show us that just because it's any other Monday, we should be showing the lovely people around us just how lovely we think they are.

In Richmond, Valentine's day passes just like any other day of the week.

I think I'll crack open the bottle of red I got in the Golan heights of Israel. Maybe I'll cook some chicken and top it off with the orange olive oil I got there, as well. I don't think I'd have it any other way. So however you choose to spend the holiday... cheers to you!

Happy Almost Just Another Day So You Shouldn't Freak Out About It/Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 1 year anniversary, Richmond!

As I was driving back to Richmond today I realized that I've officially lived here for a year now! It's been a wild year and I'm ready for whatever the next few are going to look like.

Happy Anniversary, Richmond <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What happens in 2010 stays in 2010

Reflective shit and all that-

I'd like to spill out a blog of lovely and crazy things that happened in 2010. I'd like to write of the all of the things I hope and wish to happen in 2011. Here's one thing that has changed over the past year though- I'd way rather hold out to have that conversation with someone in person rather than have it be anonymously read here. I'd like to share these things with someone who is genuine and honest. I've gained the patience to wait for the people I can do that with.

I will say this though... I have one wish for 2011 and one resolution for 2011. Whether or not they both come true is completely up to me and me alone. That's going to be the best part of 2011. How my year goes Is up to me.

Happy new year.