Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My lovely, shitty bike.

It wasn't that great of a bike. Just a Mercier from Bikesdirect. Though, it did cost upwards of 400 with shipping, tax, putting it together, and the u-lock. My first bike was even shittier and cost around the same thing. A freaking U-district Torker. I loathed that bike.

I found the bike gone yesterday. I was on my way to class, ready for a quick ride under the hot summer sun. Nothing like that humid, richmond air! I zoomed out the back door and my stomach sank. The gate was open and my bike was gone.

I'm not sure why I'm so, so bothered by it, though. Maybe it's the sinking feeling I felt when I saw the gate open and my bike missing. It's one of those situations you can imagine happening over and over, but never expect when it actually happens. Maybe it's the fact that my roommate is too stubborn to accept the responsibility, despite admitting to leaving the gate open.

Either way my lovely, shitty bike is gone.

I later dulled the pain with cheap wine and the same old richmond adventures. Luckily, the party was close and everyone was walking.

My bike is the way I go to work. It's the way I get around Richmond for errands, partying, seeing friends. My bike is one of the best summer accessories. And now it's gone. And the person to blame can't be objective enough to understand all of this.

So, I'm out 400 something bucks and it's time to invest in a new bike. and I will worship it. Because apparently... my bike meant a lot to me.

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  1. There has to be a special circle of hell for bike thieves. Really, what loser decides to sneak onto someone's property to steal a bicycle? They're like 40 bucks at WalMart, yet these idiots would steal them too. Speaking of shitty bikes, those 40 dollar bikes are the bottom of the shit barrel, the frame comes pre-covered in poo.